Leather T-Bar Moccasin - Gold


Our textured leather T-Bar moccasins are an instant classic, reminiscent of times gone by. Originating in the early 1900's, the vintage T-bar slip on style is a loved part of the Wander leather baby and toddler shoe family and will no doubt be loved and remembered by all the generations in your family too!

Updated for 2021 in our gorgeous gold colour, they are designed to be comfortable and flexible for baby and toddler foot development. 

An ideal first shoe, they have a non-slip suede sole that is printed with our new Wander logo on our smaller sizes, and partial rubber on the bigger sizes to allow more grip for the runners!

Elastic at the ankle allows for a good stretch to fit little feet into the shoe, and holds it on nice and snug too. 

Made in China


Age Group

Size S

3-8 month

Size M 

6-12 month

Size L

 10-18 month

Size XL 

16-24 month

 Insole Length  11.0cm/4.3inch 11.8cm/ 4.6inch 12.6cm/5inch   13.4cm/5.3inch
 US Sizes  1-2 2 -3  3-4  4-5
 UK Sizes 0 -1 1 -2 2 -3  3-4
EU Sizes 16-17 17-18 18-19 19-20


We also suggest to reserve a length of 5mm/0.2inch for babies' growth.