About us

Burrow and Be is passionate about creating kids clothing and bedding that is beautiful, contemporary, and stylish but also functional and comfortable. 

Our Burrow and Be products come from the heart and creativity of New Zealand designer Catherine Melo, and are made ethically and sustainably with the highest quality organic cotton. 

Perfect as a gift, or when you are preparing your nursery for your new little treasure, Burrow and Be cot quilts, sheets, swaddles, wraps, comforters and more will be items that will bring you (or that special one you gift it too) joy each time you use it.

For kids to LOVE the clothes they wear, and for babies to be comfortable, they must be functional as well as gorgeous. Comfort and durability is high on Catherine's priorities as she designs her collections. Because we want you not only to love seeing your child in their Burrow and Be outfits, we also want you to have the joy of passing them on to their younger siblings or family and friends.

Each item is carefully designed and crafted with both asthetics and function in mind. Our fabric is developed with your precious little one in mind, and the process of making it is both ethical and sustainable; adding value to the lives of those involved, while keep the environmental footprint to a minimum.


Hear Catherine's heart and process as she describes her brand:

Burrow & Be is all about stylish, sleek, contemporary kids bed linen, baby blankets and swaddles.

Burrow & Be was established in 2013.  With the love of interiors and design and the inspiration of my two children the idea of designing and screen-printing bed linen and soft furnishings for kids was an exciting prospect. I have a Bachelor of Design and over the years my passion for interiors and fabric design have grown. I worked as a screen printer many years ago and for the past 10 years have worked as a graphic designer.

I design my patterns and prints in my studio in Auckland, New Zealand, and work closely with our offshore factories to make sure the quality is high, and our environmental standards are high.

We only print with nontoxic water-based inks, and we make sure our factories have good waste management facilities when dying and printing. 

Over the years I have worked with other talented NZ artists to bring a variety of design styles to our ranges.  Through these collaborations I have an idea and work with these artists to bring my vision to life.”


The Burrow and Be Australia team

Our team and I fell in love with the Burrow and Be products the moment we saw them and are excited to work with Catherine to distribute this gorgeous brand to Australian families.

Hi, I am Kristy Rigby, and my husband John and I have been distributing baby and kids brands through our business, Boutique Brands Australia, since 2014.

Our heart is to see Families Thriving and we do this a number of ways:


1. Bring the best baby and kids products to families downunder

We love to search out the best baby and kids products that the world has to offer. Products that will help parents to parent practically and with joy. We bring those products to the Australian market and make them easily available both through stockists and online.


2. We work with family-based brands

The brands we love to work with are ones developed and designed by parents, parents who want to inprove the range of baby and kids products available on the market, particular products that solve the challenges of parenting in a new way.


3. Support families world-wide

We have a heart for families in other countries. We have strong ties with organisations in countires around the world where families are living under difficult conditions, and a commitment to giving to and supporting those orgnaistions. 


To see more of the baby and kids brands that we work with, you will find our full (and growing) range on www.mumstoolbox.com.au.


In Burrow and Be we found a partner that shares our heart for families. 

A family-based and run brand, that is diligent in supporting the workers in India that produce our beautiful products. A brand that cares about it's environmental footprint. 

And a brand that designs it's products with children and parents in mind. Clothing that is comfortable, wearable and durable, to withstand the day-to-day wear of childhood. Clothing with a quality and beauty that will see you love handing down from child to child. Linens and toys that use quality, natural fibres, making them safe and comfortable for your little treasures.

And a brand that you wil LOVE gifting to your friends. Beacuse we know when you discover the beautiful, nurturing, quality and design of these products you will find delight in sharing the joy!