Size Guide

Each child is different and unique in their shape and size. That's what is so wonderful about the world isn't it! So choosing the right clothing fit for your child can be a challenge, we know, as no child is a "standard" size.

We know it can be frustrating to find the correct sizing when shopping for little ones! Each brand always seems a little different in their sizing. We have done our very best to stay true to standard sizing, but to help you make sure you have the right size for your little person here are some guides


Babies and Toddlers

Babies all grow at different rates, so while age is a good indicator, it doesn't account for sweet ones that are beautifully and wonderfully above or below the "average". So here are some height (length) and weight measurements to help you choose the right size for your sweet one xo

Height cm
Weight kg
Newborn - 0000
54 4
0-3months - 000
61 6
3-6months - 00
68 8
6-12 months - 0
75 10
12 - 18m - 1
82 11


Older Children - (Aged 1 - 6 years old)

For older children, we have designed the sizes in hopes to fit the whole year that your child will be wearing it.

For example a size 2 is designed to fit a 2.5 year old well.

So it may be a touch big (but sit well without too much extra) when they first wear it at only-just-2 and should last them till their next birthday.


What if the size I choose is totally wrong for my little one when it arrives?

No problems at all lovely. You can return the item to us (in a new, unworn, unwashed condition) and we will give you a credit towards a new item.

Happy shopping!