Doll Romper (for 21cm dolls and for 32 – 38cm dolls)– Simple Life

 This print draws inspiration from the idyllic charm of farm life, featuring simple motifs of animals, farm equipment and blooming flowers.

Gorgeous rich and earthy colours make up the colour pallet of this design, printed on a light sandy white base colour.

Crafted with love and care, this adorable doll romper will be loved by any little one that loves their baby doll.   The dolls clothes are designed to fit the Miniland 21cm doll and both the Miniland and Minikane dolls from 32cm – 38cm but can also fit dolls of a similar size.  The doll clothes feature easy baby Velcro that is soft on hands and easy to undo and do up.

The look of delight a child has when they can match with their baby doll.   Perfect for gifting alongside the children's dress or as a gift for the sibling with a new baby dressed in the Simple Life zip suit or even on its own the Simple Life doll romper will give joy through the act of play.

Each dolls outfit comes with its own cardboard coat hanger ready to be hung on a miniature clothes rack.

Designed in New Zealand by Burrow and Be

Ethically made in our GOTS certified factory