Essential Bath Pack - String of Pearls Woven

Muslin Bunny Comforter (Colour)
Tan Rose

The Bath Pack is a delightful collection of organic babies and children’s essentials. This makes the perfect baby shower gift

It includes

1 x Baby Hooded Towel* in String of Pearls Woven. It's super soft and absorbent

1 x Muslin Bunny Comforter, perfect for cuddles during bath time

1 x Set of 3 Washcloths - String of Pearls Woven

1 x Baby Hairbrush

With timeless designs and eco-friendly materials, this pack ensures comfort and quality for your little ones! 🛁👶

* If you would like to substitute for a plain hooded towel. Let me know which colour in the notes. You're welcome.