September 10, 2021 2 min read

Every new parent will tell you that, no matter how many adorable pieces and perfectly styled outfits you invest in before your first-born comes along, they’ll almost always end up dressed in the easiest option. Enter: Burrow & Be’s Essentials range.

First-time parents have a lot to worry about. They’re juggling sleep schedules, re-evaluating priorities, and adjusting to life with a brand-new human in tow. And don’t even get us started on the parents who already have children.

Knowing that the last thing they need to worry about is what they’ll dress their new bub in, Burrow & Be set out creating their Essentials range. This curated collection of staples fills every gap in your newborn’s wardrobe, in a range of gender-neutral colours that go with pretty much everything. 


 Take this singlet onesie, for example (above). This classic design can be worn on its own for hot summer days (which we’re not stranger to here in Australia) and layered up or swapped out for the long-sleeve equivalent when the temperature drops. Another year-round must-haveis our kimono – the perfect, functional baby cardigan for stylish yet practical dressing. 



For cooler weather, our sleep suits are an all-in-one solution. Soft, with just the right amount of stretch thanks to their organic cotton with five percent elastane makeup, they can be effortlessly paired with a muslin wrap and baby headband for an adorable matching set.

 But our Essentials aren’t simply limited to apparel– from bibs to bunny comforters, we also have a range of accessories to match your Burrow & Be favourites. It’s never been easier for their cot quilt/floor mat to match their hooded towel to match their swaddle to match their hat. Your baby’s favourite doll, teethers and rattles will even complement their outfit.


 This versatility is thanks to a clever choice of patterns and colours, which help us ensure that almost every item goes together. Burrow & Be’s love of natural materials is echoed in our choice of earthy tones and nature-inspired designs, which we know will stand the test of time (yes, these Essentials can be handed-down to friends and family members for years to come).

 One thing we hear all the time is parents of older children saying, “We wish we had these products when our kids were born!”. So did Burrow & Be founder Catherine Melo – that’s why she took matters into her own hands.



Now, even though her children are no longer infants, Catherine delights in seeing Burrow & Be products being purchased for baby showers and delivery presents(and giving them as gifts herself).

As a former tired new parent, she knows how important tired-new-parent-proof pieces can be.

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